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Introducing Winter Cross Stitch Linens

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Today we're happy to introduce our new Winter Cross Stitch - 3 in 1 linens. Inspired by Scandinavian cross stitch embroidery, this new print features a modern take on a traditional design.

The 3 in 1 approach was created out of a need to have each piece of treasured linen fill more than one function. If you're investing in something precious, then it only makes sense to use that piece in more than one ways. Not to mention, we all don't have a ton of space to store dining linens and towels, so efficiency and versatility is important.

So what does 3 in 1 mean? It means you can set your table with them as placemats, fold them as napkins and use them as petite towels in the kitchen for all times in between. Put your linens to work!

And as a special feature, we offer optional monogramming, because what's a better way of making something yours than having it stamped just for you - or for someone dear? Perfect for holiday times in other words... Pick up your set today!

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