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Introducing Winter Cross Stitch Linens

Today we're happy to introduce our new Winter Cross Stitch - 3 in 1 linens. Inspired by Scandinavian cross stitch embroidery, this new print features a modern take on a traditional design.

The 3 in 1 approach was created out of a need to have each piece of treasured linen fill more than one function. If you're investing in something precious, then it only makes sense to use that piece in more than one ways. Not to mention, we all don't have a ton of space to store dining linens and towels, so efficiency and versatility is important.

So what does 3 in 1 mean? It means you can set your table with them as placemats, fold them as napkins and use them as petite towels in the kitchen for all times in between. Put your linens to work!

And as a special feature, we offer optional monogramming, because what's a better way of making something yours than having it stamped just for you - or for someone dear? Perfect for holiday times in other words... Pick up your set today!

Scandinavian Cross Stitch Inspiration

With Christmas and the holiday around the corner, the focus in the studio these days have been inspired by old fashioned Scandinavian cross stitches. Traditionally, these designs were hand embroidered on wall hangings, table cloths, towels and other things around the home, and these linens were passed down through generations.

We're taking a cue and creating hand carved stamps, inspired by these bold and geometric cross stitches. If you grew up in a Scandinavian household you will most likely recognize them as they adorn oh so many linens around Christmas. In a sense, these designs represent a traditional Scandinavian holiday to the core, which is why we love them so much. That, and because the shapes, the contrasts and the complexities are simply beautiful.

Autumn Leaves Table Runner Giveaway!

Autumn Leaves Print Collection

We're so happy to be launching our new design Autumn Leaves! Printed on our signature heavy weight linen, our Autumn Leaves design convey a rustic and fall inspired look that is elegant, yet casual – perfect to decorate your dining room with in holiday times. We offer our new print on custom sized tablecloths, table runners, napkins, coasters, towels and pillow cases.

Would you like one of these pieces in your home? To kickstart the season with this new design, we're hosting a giveaway for our Autumn Leaves table runner, valued at $80. Printed on natural linen, this table runner fits almost any sized table, and would be ideal for creating a beautiful dining setting for special occasions as well as everyday fall dinners

Table Runner Giveaway!

How Do I Enter the Giveaway?

- Follow us on Twitter if you have an account.

- Submit your name and email address through our contact form. Tell us how you found out about our contest and describe which product in our Autumn Leaves line is your favorite and how you would use it in your home.

A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday October 18th. We will contact the winner for shipping information and send out the prize within three days. Sorry, this giveaway is open to addresses in the US only.


Congratulations to Megan from New Windsor, NY! You're the winner of our autumn leaves table runner!

Starting Your Own Traditions

What are traditions? Traditions are habits, treasured objects, activities and people that occupy your life during certain specific times. Traditions exude meaning, purpose and quality.

Many valued customs get passed down from generation to generation. And while we love old treasures, there is something very special about making your own. It's about starting something in your life that you'll come back to every year, that defines your life, and gives it that special quality that you build on over time.

To start your own traditions is a way of narrowing down on the clutter and give meaning to your habits and the things you surround yourself with. It's a process, and it's something that defines your path in life.

We believe investing in a few beautiful things for your home is a perfect way to start something of your own. You might not have everything exactly the way you want it in your life, but you can control this part of it, and you can add value to it. You can make your life beautiful, special, and most importantly - yours.

It starts with that one thing, a lovely set of custom printed napkins that you'll bring out when you have friends over for a candle-lit dinner. It continues with the rustic and elegant tablecloth you cover your table with when you treat your future-in-laws to take-out because that chicken in the oven didn't come out quite right. And it goes on with lovely pillows and cushions and blankets that you'll get comfortable with next to your future family; be them children, friends or other people you choose to include in your life.

Start your own traditions, now.

New Season, New Prints - Introducing the Autumn Leaves Collection

As we're moving into fall, we are excited to be offering some new fall inspired prints - featured of course on our favorite heavy-weight linens. Autumn is definitely one of the best times of year in our minds, perfect for decorating your home, spending hours in the kitchen cooking and baking, not to mention just enjoying the company of friends and family. And that's what our new print collection is all about - getting into the right atmosphere with some carefully chosen linens around you.

So without further ado, let's take a look at it, shall we, at the Autumn Leaves print collection. We offer this print in all of our favorite products so you can create a unifying theme throughout your home with tablecloths, runners, napkins, coasters, towels and pillows. And just a tip - the natural and white linen compliment each other particularly well together in this print. May we suggest to dress your table with an autumn leaves natural runner along with white napkins? Or why not go for an autumn leaves white tablecloth and natural napkins? Your dining table will be absolutely gorgeous, perfectly dressed for fall.

Let the season begin!

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