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100% Fine Linen Standard Bed Pillow Cases


Elevate your sleeping experience and your bedroom with these 100% linen bed pillowcases. Linen is known for its cooling and durable qualities, and make for an excellent choice when it comes to bedding. Our handcrafted linen pillowcases are made out of very finely woven linen which feels smooth and cool against the skin.

Featuring a generous size and linen ties at the end to hold the pillow in place, these pillowcases are not only functional, they're also beautiful and very well made.

We offer these pillowcases in plain white or beige natural linen, or we offer them with a personalized design featuring your name written in the universal language of sea flags.

Seaflag Design:

We can print up to 13 letters (including spaces) on our standard bed pillow


Made to fit a standard bed pillow.

$105 - 24% off

Fabric Color

Our pillow cases are hand printed with care, so please allow up to 2 weeks for production. Slight variations might occur in the design because of this authentic, hands-on approach.


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