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Crate and Barrel Office Furniture

Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:11 am
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Crate and Barrel office furniture would be a great addition to any home office or corporate office. Crate and Barrel office furniture pieces are well made, sturdy and functional and come in several shapes and sizes. You can find Crate and Barrel wood office furniture, Crate and Barrel glass office furniture, Crate and Barrel modern office furniture as well as Crate and Barrel classic office furniture. All Crate & Barrel furniture pieces are sleek, stylish and designed well. No matter whether you're looking for Crate and Barrel dining room furniture, Crate and Barrel living room furniture or Crate and Barrel bedroom furniture, you're sure to find something that fits perfectly with your home and your space.


 Crate and Barrel Monterey Desk

"The beauty of sustainable teak in a modern, organic desk whose sole ornamentation is the sheer beauty of the wood itself. Plantation-grown teak is left untreated in a state of natural beauty, but repeatedly sanded to bring out the wood's inherent oils, producing a rich patina that will not grey like most teaks. Each timber is harvested from a responsibly managed plantation supported by the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT)."


Crate and Barrel Puzzle Desk

"Versatile desk in warm walnut melamine expands and contracts for a perfect fit in any space. Desk is outfitted with two storage shelves ideal for docking/charging your laptop and other gadgets. The lower cabinet offers closed storage for binders, magazines, books, and printer paper."

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