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Winters Eve Corvallis 2011 The Perfect Evening

Last Modified: 12/01/12
First Published: 12/03/11
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The 8th Annual Winters Eve Corvallis was by any measure the best yet! More than 700 people attended this year and by the reaction of the crowds in downtown Corvallis Friday evening it is certain that everyone had a wonderful time.

The moon was bright in the cool clear sky on a December evening with temperatures in the low 30's! The cool evening was perfect to help create a festive holiday mood.

The party tent set up on Madison between Second and Third Street was brimming with people by 5:30 pm. Many of Corvallis's finest restaurants, including American Dream Pizza, Block 15 Restaurant, Market of Choice, Flat Tail, Qdoba's, and Corvallis Brewing Company, provided some of their finest foods to a very willing and hungry group.

The Assistance League of Corvallis was the beneficiary of the proceeds and hope to exceed last year's total of $30,000 raised.

The downtown Corvallis merchants must also be happy. I visited numerous retailers and restaurants that were full of customers and shoppers. 

The Toy Store on Second Street was still busy at 9 pm as was Robnetts Hardware Store. Earlier in the evening The Inkwell was crowded with shoppers along with Footwise and Botticelli's!

Avalon Wine on Second Street was also busy and the Oregon Camera Store on Madison was full of shoppers, many from out of town.

A big "thank you" to all of the people that made this year's Winters Eve Corvallis the best yet!


Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:38 am
Name: Gina | Comment: It was a fun time. We helped the economy of Corvallis more than we had intended.

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