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Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press

Last Modified: 12/23/12
First Published: 12/23/12
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Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, is currently being interviewed by David Greqory, Moderator of Meet the Press. It is most disturbing to listen to this discussion at any time, most especially at Christmas. I am watching Meet the Press at my choice. I also have the freedom of choice to absolutely and totally disagree with every statement Wayne LaPierre is making. My God, what is this man thinking. Add more guns to create more violence!

Mr. LaPierre seems interested in only protecting the rites of gun owners to buy assault style weapons that should be owned only by the military. In the same breathe Mr. LaPierre is willing to sacrifice the rights of the mentally ill. Mr. LaPierre openly stated to David Gregory, "Make a data base of all the lunatics!!" How kind of Mr. LaPierre. He should be equally as willing to make all assault style weapons illegal.

Hunters do not need the type of assault style weapons that were used in the Columbine and Newtown Connecticut shootings. How is it that an organization like the National Rifle Association, with no more than four million members, has so much political clout, unconscionable?

People need to stand up and push back at the National Rifle Association. I do not espouse making hunting rifles illegal. However I do not see any reasonable individual not wanting to make assault weapons totally and irrevocably illegal period.

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