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Vehicle Winds up in Renovated Building in Downtown Corvallis

Last Modified: 01/14/14
First Published: 01/14/14
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While picking up his mail at the Corvallis Post office a 19 year old man somehow had his Ford F-150 Pickup truck wind up inside the front area of a building undergoing renovation at 327 SW third Street (second street side of building).

The driver was unsure of how the incident happened. I spoke with building owner Nancy Wike who told me that she was next door to this location early today (Tuesday) when she heard a loud "Boom". She went on to say that "she then went outside and found the truck inside the front of the building."

Nancy told me that the young man made an offer to her "to work off the damages." Nancy mentioned that the young man was concerned because the vehicle belonged to his grandfather. No one was hurt in the incident.

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