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Stoneybrook Assisted Living is Peachtastic

Last Modified: 08/27/12
First Published: 08/25/12
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Friday afternoon everything about Stoneybrook Assisted living in Corvallis was just peachy! There were all types of dishes with peaches as the main ingredient. Entrants included Umpqua Bank, Town & Country Real Estate, The City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation, Local Chefs and Stoneybrook Assited Living.  There were also lots of hungry people just waiting to indulge themselves in all things "Peach".

There were donations made by peach lovers who helped decide the winner by dropping some coins into jars at each station. The peach recipe with the most money donated to the Alzheimer's Network of Oregon would be declared winner.

Anna Balkema from Stoneybrook Assisted Living hosted the event. Mark Wang, Visiting Angels, was one of the celebrity judges.

Mon Aug 27, 2012 12:48 pm
Name: Anna Balkema Comment: Thank you for the coverage Corvallis Tid Bits! We raised a total of $547.76 that day which caused us to surpass our goal of donating $1,000 to the Alzheimer's Network of Oregon by September. Many thanks to all of you who participated and allowed us to reach this wonderful milestone! Warm wishes, Anna

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