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Soap Creek Schoolhouse

Last Modified: 08/18/13
First Published: 08/18/13
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Early Sunday afternoon I ventured out to a place that to this point in time was unknown to me. Soap Creek Schoolhouse was my destination out on Soap Creek Rd. approximately 10 miles North from downtown Corvallis.

Soap Creek Schoolhouse is a one room Schoolhouse that was used until 1946, per Joe Crockett. When I arrived at this one room schoolhouse, just after noon today, Joe Crockett was there to greet me. Joe shared some of the history of the building. This current facility was built around 1935. A photo of the building that occupied this site from circa 1900 is on the wall inside the schoolhouse.

In the past children walked up to 5 miles one way to attend this school. No indoor plumbing, there was an outhouse out back. Joe Crockett has developed a website which has information on the old schoolhouse, old period photos on the wall, directions if you are so inclined to visit and newsletter information.

Great piece of local history that deserves some PR.  The Soap Creek Schoolhouse is available for use throughout the year for small meetings. Permission is required by contacting either Bart spiller 541-745-9007 or Nancy Hyde 541-745-7470.

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