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Political Thoughts on Where We Are or Are Not

Last Modified: 12/21/16
First Published: 12/21/16
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Since I am a bibliophile of any book on T.R. 'Teddy Roosevelt'.... I just completed another..... 'The Wilderness Warrior' by Douglas Brinkley. Indulge me if you will... I want to share a quote from T.R. relative to the 1908 Presidential election.....William Jennings Bryan (D) vs William Howard Taft (R).

T.R. thought of Bryan as one who was a 'Poseur'...."poses for effect...behaves affectedly". Think of anyone that could/does fit this meaning in 2016?!

Furthermore....T.R. went on to write..."Of all corruption, the most far-reaching for evil is that which hides itself behind the mask of furious demagoguery, seeking to arouse and to pander to the basest passions of mankind." Now can you think of anyone in 2016.....perhaps our President elect!!

Remember T.R. was a Republican! It is very likely he would not find himself welcome as a Republican in 2016.

Where are people like, T.R., F.D.R., Truman or IKE when we need them??

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