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Oysters on the Half Shell

Last Modified: 06/27/12
First Published: 08/30/11
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Well we did enjoy our Oysters on the Half-Shell the other day. Trying to find the right way to prepare our Kumamoto & Hama Hama Oysters was a challenge.

We first put our oysters in the oven to get the shells to open. These Oysters were extremely difficult to open with a traditional oyster knife. Perhaps we were not very good at the opening process.

Once we got the oysters to open the cooking process was a challenge yet a wonderful exploration into getting our recipe just right, kind of winging it!

We had, of course, our oysters along with some fresh garlic and tomatoes and basil from the garden. We also used some penne pasta with capers and bacon. We added some fresh from the farm green beans to our dish, simple, local, and healthy!

Our bread crumbs were homemade. We mixed the basil with some sea salt and pepper into the bread crumbs and then liberally put some of the bread crumb topping along with the bacon on each oyster.

The freshly chopped tomatoes along with the penne pasta and capers made a superb side dish to accompany our oysters. Creativity was our thought process. 

The dinner table looked "Guest Perfect." This would be an excellent choice if having a dinner party. Our wine selection was a Pinot Gris from Belle Vallee Cellars in Corvallis.

The Oysters came from Harry & Annette's Fresh Fish also in Corvallis. Delicious was the sentiment all around!


Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:28 am
Name: Linda | Comment: Looks delicious! I will give this recipe a try. Did you use the oyster knife with a short thick blade? I have had no trouble with opening oysters with the right knife. Sometimes the fish monger will loan you a knife.

Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:23 pm
Name: Richard Strahan | Comment: The photo of the finished meal is teriffic. The deep red color of the tomatoes is fantastic. This meal makes me very hungry.

Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:57 pm
Name: Kelly Rohrbach Comment: Is the seafood good from this fish market? How difficult is this recipe? The oysters do look good. Please let me know if they have fresh oysters.

Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:53 amKelly,

Yes the seafood is excellent. I have tasted all types of fish & seafood from Harry & Annette's Fresh Fish and was always pleased with the quality. In addition I have received positive comments from dinner guests.

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