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Oregon State Senator Sara Gelser Speaks to Academy for Lifelong Learning

Last Modified: 01/14/17
First Published: 01/14/17
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On Friday, January 13th, Oregon State Senator Sara Gelser, Senate District 8, was the program speaker at the Academy for Lifelong Learning.

Senator Gelser spent nearly two hours responding to questions from members. Topics included Climate Change, PERS (Public Employee Retirement System), Transportation, Revenue Shortfalls, Revenue Generation, Healthcare (Affordable Care Act, Obamacare), Electoral College, Political Environment, Current Bills set to go forward in the Oregon Legislature, Collegiality in the Legislature, and perhaps the elephant in the room how the State of Oregon currently deals with foster children and children with disabilities.

Senator Gelser spoke without notes and clearly had a firm grasp of the issues Oregonians will need to confront.

There were approximately 70 members in attendance. Academy for Lifelong Learning member, retireed OSU Professor, and retired Oregon State Senator Cliff Trow was Master of Ceremonies.  There was a coffee social immediately after the program. 

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