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Oak Tree in Memorial Union Quad on OSU Campus Falls

Last Modified: 08/01/12
First Published: 08/01/12
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August began with an interesting twist this morning on the Oregon State University Campus. Around mid-morning one of the most beautiful and majestic Oaks on the Memorial Union Quad, that I have admired for years, fell inexplicably. Fortunately there were no injuries, however there were some very surprised people in the vicinity.

I asked some of the Oregon State University facility staff, involved in the cleanup, what may have caused this tree to fall? No answers at this point. One staff person told me that a sample of the tree was sent to the Forestry pathology department for examination.

Everyone was aw struck by the fact that this tree simply fell. There was no wind today so therefore it may well have been some defect within the structure of the tree. This is merely speculation at this point.

More information should be available in the next few days.

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