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Mike Beilstein and Pastors for Peace Leave on Mission to Cuba

Last Modified: 07/06/11
First Published: 07/06/11
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There was a sendoff luncheon at noon today at the Westminster House in Corvallis for the Pastors for Peace Mission to Cuba. Corvallis City Councilor Mike Beilstein was joined by Ed Hemmingson of Albany, Oregon. Both men will be a part of a larger group of about 140 that will gather in McAllen, Texas prior to heading to Mexico and ultimately to Cuba.

Beilstein told this newspaper that this year the Pastors for Peace Mission to Cuba would focus on bringing gardening and farming tools that would be given to the Cuban people.

Beilstein & Hemmingson will be out of the Country for approximately 30 days.  Per Mike Beilstein, this mission is not sanctioned by the U.S. Government. Beilstein went on to say that he has been on several missions prior to this current effort. He further stated that Pastors for Peace would continue to conduct these Missions until the United States Policy towards Cuba is modified.

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