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Market of Choice Flavors of Spain

Last Modified: 01/14/12
First Published: 01/14/12
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Walking into Market of Choice, in Corvallis, this afternoon, I was told by a woman exiting, "It is crazy in There"! She was not much off the mark in her analysis.

People were literally "Wall to Wall". A banner heralding "The Flavors of Spain" was prominent above the main entrance to Market of Choice.

Coffee, cheese, wine and much more was available to sample. All of these products were from Spain. The cheese I sampled was quite good. The wines included a Tempranillo which is similar to a Merlot and Cabernet blend.

Anecdotally, one would logically conclude today's event would have to be rated a success for Market of Choice. I did notice several people purchasing bottles of wine as well as a host of customers selecting cheeses.

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