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Letter on 53rd Street Roundabout

Last Modified: 07/12/18
First Published: 11/04/13
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Benton County Commissioners,

Regarding tomorrow's meeting agenda item on the 53rd St, roundabout please accept my brief input prior to your vote on whether or not to proceed with the installation of a roundabout.

In my opinion:

1. Elements of the final staff report identified as "Task Force Comments" should be considered carefully as, in many instances, they lack the context necessary to fully understand their impact or intent. Further, some of the comments seem to me as being colored by staff's desired outcome rather than by any implicit or explicit direction from the task force.

2. The Engineering Staff Report at the top of the document concludes by conflating the issues of emergency response delay and overall collision avoidance at a proposed roundabout. In my observation, the mix and match of distinct and tangential issues, a generally confusing public outreach effort, staff opinions in opposition to the County's own paid consultant reports and an unwillingness to include the qualified assessment of the Corvallis Fire Dept. in the body of the final report have led me to serious doubts about the report's value as a decision making tool.

3. You are being asked to vote on a "concept"; a really vague concept which will have a lasting and unknown social, environmental and economic impact on the community for many decades to come. I think that at the very least you should expect that the majority of the many unknowns highlighted in the report be answered before making a commitment of this magnitude. This roundabout proposal, as presented in the staff report, leaves one wanting for specificity on numerous fronts.

Given the uncertainties surrounding this proposal, the enormous expense and the objection of our public safety experts, I ask that you reject the roundabout as a viable alternative for this intersection and instead direct staff to develop plans for and install a four way signalized intersection including left hand turning lanes. If staff feels it necessary to explore right of way acquisition around future right hand turns lanes then I would certainly support that effort.

Mark O'Brien
Roundabout Task Force

P.S. I strongly support the comments of citizen Michael Johnson which can be read at the following link.

Tue May 06, 2014 9:08 pm
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