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Letter in Favor of Dennis Richardson for Oregon Governor

Last Modified: 10/28/14
First Published: 10/25/14
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Was Gov. John Kitzhaber asleep during his third term in office? When asked questions about potential ethical violations, he says he knows nothing about it. When Cover Oregon’s online registration system failed to materialize and blew $300 million under Kitzhaber’s watch, he said he was unaware there were any problems. Then he admitted that he should have paid attention to warnings from workers and legislators. He just didn’t realize they were serious.

The Columbia River Crossing was another pet project of Kitzhaber’s. Managers spent more than $175 million in public funds planning a bridge, highway and light-rail complex that was designed so low that ship traffic could not get past it. It won’t be built. Big dreams don’t mean good results. $175 million would have upgraded the present 1-5 Columbia River bridge. It still needs to be done.

Nearly a third of Oregon’s students don’t graduate from high school with their classmates. Kitzhaber, who is also Oregon’s Secretary of Education, doesn’t talk much about that. That’s a really bad dream.

We’d have a better economy if Kitzhaber and the Legislature would relax their grip on Oregon’s businesses. While the rest of the nation added 288,000 jobs in June 2014, Oregon lost 4,300.

It’s time to fire our current governor and elect Dennis Richardson, a man with extensive legislative and leadership experience. Richardson can curtail government waste, jump-start Oregon’s economy to create good jobs, and develop a world-class education for K-12 and high ed.

Oregon needs Richardson!

Jean Nelson


Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:46 am
Name: Lawrence Gelman Comment: John Kitzhaber has failed as the chief executive of the State of Oregon. Forget political parties, we need new leadership. I am voting for Dennis Richardson. Let us see what Richardson will do to make Oregon a better place.

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