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Letter From Corvallis Resident Elaine Cull to City Councilor Penny York

Last Modified: 03/30/14
First Published: 03/29/14
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To: Penny York City Council Ward 1

From: Elaine Cull Corvallis Resident

A few problems I see with the OSU parking plan:

Parking isn't close to where people need to go. People work and attend class on North

campus; parking is concentrated on the south. A lot of time and expense will be needed

to constantly move people back and forth.

Parking for full-time workers will be concentrated in one area, creating traffic jams at peak

hours. It's like every day will be a game day. For other people, who need to move on and off

campus all day to get to appointments, off campus laboratories, or other jobs, getting to the

south lot will waste a lot of time.

You can't easily access south campus from north campus from north Corvallis. This doesn't

bother you so much, but for people on the northside, imagine living on the northside, parking

on the southside, then going north again to get to work! And what route would they take?

This is bound to cause congestion in some areas.

There's little or no parking near the highest use areas: MU, Library and Craft Center. This may

cause security problems at night, especially for women who have to walk alone.

There's no parking at all for the general public, who may want to attend the weekly concerts,

holiday fairs, or other events at the MU, or use the Library or the Craft Center.

Parking fees gouge students. Administrators claim to promote alternative transportation, but

bus transport is inadequate at peak hours. Secure, covered bike parking is rare and expensive.

In the same newspaper where they talk about OSU raising parking fees, there are stories about

“food insecurity” among students! Student fees now run roughly half the amount of tuition!

And Administrative salaries and expenses keep going up! I wonder who is benefiting from all this?

It rains here! Administrators talk about the 10-minute campus, but it will be a lot longer when

carrying heavy books and projects in pouring rain.

People will resist inconvenience and expense in creative ways: that means back to the


Some General comments: The talk among people on the street and in the locker rooms is

that the city council lets OSU get away with murder. OSU is allowed to build on top of

parking lots without providing convenient replacements, and the council just gave away

all their street rights on campus!

The OSU parking policy is driven by the philosophy that people need to be punished for the

frivolous use of cars. This whole idea needs to be confronted and reconsidered. What would

the parking plan look like if it were driven by the needs of the people who use it—students,

staff, and public?

Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:33 am
Name: Benjamin Comment: Refreshing to read this. However OSU has its game plan and they do not intend to be deterred by this letter or by city council.

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