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Letter From Charles Nelson on the Benton County Commissioner Race

Last Modified: 10/25/14
First Published: 10/25/14
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Anne Schuster is a hard worker and loves public service. But her track record doesn’t qualify her to be a Benton County commissioner.

Anne Schuster is leaving the 509J school board, where she served as chair, with the bad news that the number of schools under her jurisdiction in the district to be ranked in the top 10 percent in Oregon has dropped by half during the 2013-14 school year. 509J high school four-year graduation rates are appalling at 70 percent.

Not everyone needs or wants a college education, but they should have a high school diploma. Anne Schuster’s leadership has failed many 509J students.

Also under Schuster’s leadership, the Corvallis 509J school board sold the old Fair Play School northeast of Corvallis on 10 acres of land without advertising its availability to the public, and the district completed the transaction before the sale was publicly announced.

If the school board wanted to divest itself of the property, the school and one acre of land should have been separated from the remaining nine acres, which could have been priced at a value commensurate with its highest and best use and sold to enhance 509J’s education program.

Anne Schuster leaves the school board with a negative legacy, and I won’t vote for her.

A commissioner needs a background in government and budgeting. Jerry Jackson’s record as a city councilor and a member of the budget commission is a big strength. My vote will be for Jerry Jackson.

Charles R. Nelson


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