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Golf in December at Marysville Golf Course Corvallis

Last Modified: 12/01/11
First Published: 12/01/11
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December 1st in Corvallis started out quite chilly at 28 degress. However the sun was shinning brightly with a forecast for sunny skies and the high temperature to be around 48 degrees. Why not play golf? Well, we did just that at Marysville Golf Course in Corvallis. A quick round of nine holes was perfect for a sunny quite nice afternoon in December.

Our group was comprised of some possibly over the hill golfers but we did acquit ourselves quite well; at least some in the group did. Marysville is always a good choice of courses in the Corvallis area. In fact Winter rates are very reasonable at $12 for nine holes!

The only problem with playing golf is that I always want to go right back out and play again tomorrow!

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