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Downtown Corvallis Association City Manager Guest Speaker

Last Modified: 02/17/12
First Published: 02/17/12
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Wednesday, the Downtown Corvallis Association listened to Corvallis City Manager, Jim Patterson, share his vision of where Corvallis would be with regard to Budget Issues and Economic Growth.

The audience, about 30 local business people and City Council President Mark O'Brien, heard City Manager Jim Patterson state that Corvallis would have a balanced budget going forward in 2012-2013.

Patterson also addressed the fact that Corvallis could no longer assume that the economy would get better. Patterson, stated, "I am not an economist". Patterson went on to say, " Business as usual is no longer acceptable." 

The Downtown Association is one of several groups that has as members local businesses. The other organizations are CIBA, Corvallis Independent Business Alliance and the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce.

The DCA meets monthly and is the prime supporter of the Red, White & Blue festival every July 4th.

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