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Da Vinci Days Suspended for 2014

Last Modified: 10/22/13
First Published: 10/22/13
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Da Vinci Days 2014 will not happen, so stated Michael Dalton Board Chair and Acting Executive Director of DaVinci Days to Corvallis City Council on Monday evening. Dalton told City council that "We have decided to suspend DaVinci days for 2014 and are looking to reinvent it."

Dalton went on to tell council that Da Vinci Days has been a big part of Corvallis for the past 25 years but has been going through an identity crisis the past several years. Attendance is down, revenues have suffered and sponsors are fewer and more difficult to attract. Attendance for 2013 was about 12,500 down from 20,000 just three years ago.

One of the issues that Dalton had concerns for were the large number of events spread out over several days. Lots of volunteers are needed and a new source for funding would be necessary. Councilor Mike Beilstein asked Dalton if the fact that the City of Corvallis no longer supports DaVinci Days financially with a contribution of $25,000 dollars was a contributing factor? Dalton responded yes that is a part of the problem.

A committee will be put together comprised of community members and stakeholders to brainstorm ideas and see where there is opportunity to change, improve and reinvigorate DaVinci Days after 2014. Dalton added that if DaVinci Days would return in 2015 depended on how the public responded.

Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:42 am
Name: Benjamin Comment: This is the right decision. Stale is the best word I have for DaVinci Days as it was. Look to make it a two day event with fewer activities and more value. It is also time to look at changing Fall Festival as well. Include social media in planning. Repeating the same format year in and year out does not work anymore.

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