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Corvallis What Next in 2013?

Last Modified: 01/14/13
First Published: 01/07/13
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Corvallis What Next in 2013?

A fair question that needs addressing by the members of Corvallis City Council. The fiscal picture for Corvallis has not improved substantially since the current Levy/Tax was passed a couple of years ago. One could reasonably conclude that Corvallis City Council has already begun thinking and planning for the next Levy!

Cost Recovery has been the refrain for the past couple of years. What has not been stated, perhaps the obvious, is that Corvallis has to figure out how to do more with less. This has been the case for many of the residents of Corvallis in 2012.

Corvallis Collaboration will be a success when they get past the stage of hiring consultants for traffic and citizen surveys. That style of moving the needle forward is old school, yes old school. It would be refreshing to see just one concrete accomplishment from the $300,000 dollar investment. Yes, I know the Corvallis City Council has already approved changes in parking requirements for new construction. An accomplishment but by no measure the final installment from Collaboration Corvallis hopefully!

Perhaps Mayor Julie Manning, Corvallis City Council and Oregon State University President Dr. Ed Ray are using the Corvallis Collaboration Group as a means to assuage the ire of citizens until they can find a way to procure more funding from Salem to pay for services rendered to Oregon State by the City.  Similar to a professional NFL football team using a "prevent defense", winning is seldom the result, just delaying the inevitable.

Residents of Corvallis, at least a few select residents, will soon receive a survey, crafted by of course a consulting firm, that seeks to find out what their personal issue is with parking and traffic in their neighborhoods. Just opining here but in any survey how questions are phrased will result in certain style responses. Can the information derived from this survey be deemed reliable?

Economic Development in Corvallis is a popular and safe opening line in most conversations, with the exception of City Councilor Beilstein. The success or lack of success of this goal will evidently rest with the ultimate hiring of the "Account Executive" that will work for/with Economic Development Manager Tom Nelson. This is my conclusion based on the comments from Tom Nelson, paraphrasing his response at the Kiwanis Club last week. Per Nelson, Goals, Targets, and a time line for new businesses will be forthcoming when we get the Account Representative on board.

Perhaps a small success will lead the way to greater success. When City Council can make up their minds whether they want to continue holding the Saturday Government Comment Corner at the Corvallis Public Library then they may be able to move on to more pressing concerns.

Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:33 pm
Name: Nick M. Comment: Perception is reality. The perception of how Corvallis city council will perform in 2013 is to have the citizens of Corvallis bear a bigger tax burden. That is the reality. New parking districts resulting in residents having to pay to park in front of their own home. Another Tax Levy to replace the current Levy. Nothing new with City Council, just more of the same tax and spend! perception is reality!

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