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Corvallis The Week in Review April 20 2014

Last Modified: 04/22/14
First Published: 04/20/14
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Perhaps you have been following Corvallistidbits "the week in review videos" over the past several weeks. If not then this is the time to do so! Corvallistidbits posts a new video each Sunday evening with segments recapping the events of the week prior.
This is a unique and different way to see the news and listen to me perhaps inject some humor into a story or maybe something you see and or hear that might stir the soul.

Typically there will be narration along with video of the particular event with some photos as appropriate. You can expect to find something relative to the weather, gardening, education, politics, recreation, business, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce and City Club events, perhaps a word about something from the Barometer, Gazette Times or the Corvallis Advocate.  

This week there is a segment on the Homeless issue in Corvallis with commentary from the Downtown Corvallis Association business meeting and the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce. 

There is also a story about the Benton County Commissioners debate sponsored by the Gazette Times. Four term incumbent Linda Modrell is not seeking a fifth term. Three Democrats, Pat Malone, Anne Schuster, and Quintin Kreth are seeking the Democrat nomination to run against Republican Jerry Jackson. 

Then an intriguing piece about the opening of the first Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Corvallis "The Agrestic Green Collective". Owner Kayla Dunham offers some perspective that will certainly open some minds and may even add to the discussion of Medical Marijuana.

If you find these videos a must watch then subscribe to Corvallis Tidbits on Youtube, Twitter and or Instagram. 

Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:40 am
Name: Jennifer URL: Synapt Comment: The Agrestics plants in the back ground are over 12 inches high and are not clones ! those are full plants and are considered illegal!

Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:41 am
Name: Jennifer Comment: the Arc is the Greatest place ever!!!

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