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Corvallis General Good Samaritan Hospital Commemoration

Last Modified: 12/08/11
First Published: 12/08/11
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On Wednesday about 80 Corvallis residents were in attendance at Good Samaritan Hospital to commemorate the iconic old Corvallis General Hospital, soon to be demolished. Student housing to accomodate new student growth at Oregon State will eventually sit on the site of the old hospital.

In attendance were Corvallis Mayor Julie Manning, Good Samaritan CEO Larry Mullins as well as several current and retired Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital Board Members.  Long time Corvallis resident and past Hospital Board Member Al Joiner was honored for his foresight and courage some 60 years ago to set the course for Corvallis General, ultimately becoming Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

Corvallis General, located on Harrison near 29th Street and Arnold Way, opened in 1922. In 1975 all hospital activites were transferred to the new Good Samaritan facility in North Corvallis. The last patients, mostly dementia care and nursing home residents, left in 2009.

In the audience were one of the first babies to be born in the hospital in 1922 Jane Bates and one of the last, Cody Hull who celebrated his 36th birthday on December 6th.

Dr. Richard Cronk, MD retired,  shared some remarks speaking of his first days in Corvallis and at Corvallis General.

Audience members chuckled at times especially when retired Dr. Craig Leman spoke of the 1962 Columbus Day Storm and the resulting power outage. Leman quipped, "We had no backup generator, so we had to deal with the injured using a flashlight."

Samaritan Health plans to begin demolition of the old buildings in January 2012. Commemorative bricks will be availble to purchase at $25 each from the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.


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