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Corvallis City Council Passes Creekside Project

Last Modified: 11/15/10
First Published: 11/15/10
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Today the Corvallis City Council labored over the process necessary to ultimately pass, by a 4-2 vote, the Creekside Development Project in South West Corvallis. Councilor Richard Hervey was not present and Councilors Joel Hirsch & Patricia Daniels did not participate in the vote due to, in their words, being unable to be in attendance at prior Council Meetings and being unable to review all of the material realtive to the process. It sounds like they essentially recused themselves.

Mayor Charles Tomlinson was, as usual, extremely professional in how he conducted the proceedings. Mayor Tomlinson began by asking if any of the Councilors had any "Ex Parte Communication" relative to the matter coming before Corvallis City Council in todays vote? The answer was no one, any Corvallis City Councilor, had had any "Ex Parte Communication" relative to the Creekside Project.

The process in developing a motion that the Councilors would ultimately be able to vote yea or nay on was difficult. Councilor Hamby had questions relative to who would be responsible if a suit were filed in court relative to "burden of proof".  The Corvallis City Attorney advised Council that the burden of proof in a civil suit was with the Plantiff.

Councilor Beilstein wanted more information on the proposed Nature Trail that was to be a part of the Creekside Project. Corvallis City Staff provided the necessary information to Beilstein's question.

Councilor O'Brien stated that he was satisfied that the Creekside Project proposal did not violate any Corvallis City Code as referenced by the information he was provided via e-mail by the Corvallis City Building Department Staff. Councilor Hamby was in agreement with Councilor O'Brien on this issue.

Councilor Jeanne Raymond stated that she was confused by some of the information provided by the Corvallis Building Department relative to their explanantion on the addition or deletion of the proposed  Nature Trail.

After several failed attempts at securing  a motion  on the Creekside Project Councilor Dan Brown proffered a motion which was seconded by Councilor Hamby.

The final 4-2 vote had Councilors Brauner, O'Brien, Hamby & Brown in favor (yea) with Councilors Raymond & Beilstein voting no (nay). Councilor Hervey was not present and Councilors Daniels & Hirsch did not participate in the vote for the reasons previously stated.

Immediately after the vote developer Bret Fox shared with this newspaper that he was glad to have this vote turn out the way it did. Bret Fox has been working on this effort since 2003. Fox is the managing partner of ThomasFox Properties LLC out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fox went on to say that his firm has recently completed a Walgreens Drug Store in Medford, Oregon.  When I asked if the Walgreens in the Creekside Project would be a mirror image of the one in Medford, Bret Fox advised that due to the lengthy time frame for the approval process to come to a vote it was uncertain if the drug store in the Creekside Project would in fact be a Walgreens or another major Drug Store Chain.


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