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Comments on Corvallis City Council by Citizen Jeff Hess

Last Modified: 03/17/15
First Published: 03/17/15
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Last night's council meeting ( March 16, 2015) was a watershed moment for Corvallis.  In working to negotiate a new understanding with OSU our council (finally) determined the dynamics of this relationship was not working and set a future mtg date for the council to determine actions the city will take for future campus development which will no longer enjoy the accelerated approval afforded under the existing campus master plan.  

In a nutshell: our council is standing up to OSU and saying 'no more'.  

 There's likely to be alot of pressure for council to back down from 'the biggest employer in town'.  I hope you'll consider writing council & mayor to express support for this action.  We need to have their backs on this.

Jeff Hess

Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:34 pm
Name: Benjamin Comment: City Council was in a deep hole and just kept digging themselves deeper in the quicksand on the gun carry fiasco. They should have been smarter than to get themselves all entangled in this web with no good way out. What about saving some of that energy to make certain you pick the best City Manager from that group of candidates. Seems much more important than losing your way in this 'carry' issue. Get back your 'mojo' city council and make it quick.

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