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Citizens for a Livable Corvallis Hold Session In Central Park

Last Modified: 08/01/14
First Published: 08/01/14
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Thursday evening the Citizens for a Livable Corvallis, about 35 strong, met at the Gazebo in Central Park for a brainstorming session to discuss ideas that would make local Government better in how citizens interact with elected leadership, namely Corvallis City Council and the Mayor.

Leaders of the CLC included alphabetically B.A. Bierle, Courtney Cloyd, Trish Daniels, Kent Daniels, Charlyn Ellis and Ruby Moon. Local advocate Jeff Hess and City Councilor Roen Hogg, Ward 2 were also active in the discussion.

Council candidate Zach Baker, seeking the vacant seat in Ward 3, was also present and participated in the process.

At the conclusion of the 90 minute session, that had several breakout groups working independently, there appeared to be general agreement that more emphasis was needed in dealing with Oregon State University and growth impacting neighborhoods, also more reasoned decisions rather than emotional decisions by City Council in making decisions.

There was also a lack of response by City Council to e-mail inquiries. Several participants noted that they had never received a response to inquiries they had sent to Councilors via the city e-mail system. One idea was to have a message board style communication medium.

Also there was a call for more citizens to seek elective office. Why were there not more candidates running for vacant council seats in 2014; in addition why only one candidate for Corvallis Mayor, Biff Traber?

For more information please contact Charlyn Ellis, Trish Daniels or B.A. Bierle.

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