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Can't Cure a Problem That You Do Not Understand

Last Modified: 08/30/14
First Published: 08/30/14
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"Can't cure a problem that you do not understand."
Submitted by Brad Teel     Teel's Travel Planners Corvallis

 Subject: The Oregonian - Rep. DeFazio's criticism of guest columnist was off base

 The Oregonian

 Rep. DeFazio's criticism of guest columnist was off base: Guest opinion

 August 29, 2014

 By Charlie Leocha


 Congratulations for luring Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., into defending his curious and Orwellian-named legislation, the Airfare Transparency Act of 2014. Until this back and forth between guest columnist Paul deLespinasse and Mr. DeFazio in the pages of your newspaper, there has been no record about Mr. DeFazio's rationale for supporting this bill.

Though Mr. DeFazio claims there were "inaccurate statements about legislation" he sponsored, the inaccuracies are all Mr. DeFazio's. His defense of this legislation is filled with extraordinary doublespeak from a representative who has been so often on the side of consumers.

Mr. DeFazio's attempt to defend his anti-consumer action is lame at best and indicates that he doesn't fully realize what his bill will allow.

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 For more information on H.R. 4156 visit

 For information on the U.S. DOT rulemaking regarding airline passenger protections visit

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