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Benton County Republican Women Learn About Families and Stresses in the Military

Last Modified: 01/27/14
First Published: 01/27/14
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The Benton County Republican Women held their first lunch meeting of 2014 today at King Tin Restaurant in Corvallis. The audience of about 35 heard from keynote speaker Jeanne Nelson who shared her experiences recently having spent some time in Georgia at Fort Stewart.

Jeanne Nelson and her husband Charles drove across country and spent several weeks assisting troops and their spouses in Fort Stewart Georgia. A majority of those serving in the military and stationed at Fort Stewart have spent at least one tour and in many cases multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan. Jeanne and Charles Nelson know first hand the stresses of military life as Charles was a B-47 bomber pilot in the 1950's and he also served in Vietnam. As Jeanne pointed out, "We know what it is to live through multiple separations while Charles was in the military."

Their recent visit to Fort Stewart was in collaboration with their church. While in Georgia they provided counseling to military personnel and their spouses and in some cases acted as surrogate parents and grandparents. Jeanne stated that she and Charles went through training prior to taking on this challenge.

While in Fort Stewart they taught marriage and family relations classes. They also acted as assistant chaplains on weekends while there. Jeanne and Charles taught classes that included essential life skills; one class titled "The Purpose of Life".

Jeanne and Charles Nelson wanted to serve as mentors and give back to those that serve in the military. Prior to this undertaking military personnel had little hope but appear to be benefiting from the help of mentors like the Nelson's. 

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