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Avery Addition Residents Post Signs of Discontent

Last Modified: 09/11/12
First Published: 08/28/12
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If you travel along Western Blvd. in Corvallis and drive down the adjacent streets 10th, 11th and 13th you will find signs stating, "This is what a house looks like" out in the front yards of several homes. In addition you will see other signs with the following statement, "This is what a loophole looks like" with an arrow pointing to the construction of new housing rentals. While riding around the area looking for someone willing to discuss what I saw I came upon a gentleman carrying several of these signs along with what appeared to be a petition.

Jeff, was the gentleman. Jeff lives at 1015 S.W. 11th Street. During the course of our conversation Jeff stated that due to a loophole in the zoning regulations several dwellings were under construction that qualified on the basis of the loophole in current zoning laws. Essentially dividing the lot made it legal for more than one dwelling to be built.

Jeff had a petition with approximately 60 signatures that he hoped to present to the Corvallis City Building Department. Jeff also explained that anyone in this area could have a sign for their yard on a strictly voluntary basis. He also told me that if residents wanted to contribute towards the cost of the sign that was appreciated and if not that was fine as well.

 Jeff further explained that it was his concern that the units under construction would only be suitable as rentals. He went on to say that, "there was no way a family would be interested in purchasing any of this new construction and that it would now always be held by a remotely located corporation or entity which tend to provide little-to-no meaningful contribution to the community and neighborhood but instead focus almost entirely on profit." 

Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:36 pm
Name: Greg K. Comment: Jeff, do you know if other areas are doing anything similar to this? Would like to find out more. Greg.

Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:33 pm
Name: Jeff Comment: Hi Greg,

Really just started. Originally our block only but people have been coming by and asking for signs so it's begun to spread a bit (I think furthest is on Monroe). You can email me at


Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:37 pm
Name: Michael N. Comment: Jeff, What are your plans, bottom line with this movement? Have you received any support from other groups? Have you had contact or support from any local officials? next steps??

Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:37 pm
Name: Jeff Comment: Hi Michael,

We (Avery Addition Neighborhood) have no real hope to affect the development site on 11th st but instead are trying to raise issue of inappropriate developments for conversation at city-wide level. The "this is what a house looks like" signs can be applied almost everywhere and provides developers, city staff & inspectors with a visual reminder of community. Both the mayor and Ken Gibb have been asked to tour our neighborhood and view protest and development site but I've no indication yet if they've done so. We do have a tentative meeting set up with them to learn more about how/why developments are being approved that don't meet the requirements set forth in the Corvallis Comprehensive Plan (visual coherency and compatible building transitions). Where the protest goes from there really depends on the outcome of that meeting.
Support from other groups? - there's been some interest from other neighborhood associations but limited visibility (we don't get through traffic here) and lack of coverage by GT or other sources has limited exposure of what we're doing so it's been hard to get the word out without walking door to door. Any help/suggestions welcome of course.

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