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A Letter of Support for Measure 02-88

Last Modified: 09/29/14
First Published: 09/29/14
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When the Presbyterian Church on Eighth Street and Monroe Avenue created its parking district a few years back, a lot of commuter parking got pushed into neighborhoods around the church.

This event, combined with the relentless and irresponsible destruction of parking by Oregon State University, has wreaked havoc in our neighborhoods.

We support the church’s legal and necessary right for parking close to its center of activity. We now ask our neighbors to extend the same right to us.

Friends, we need help down here! Many of us can’t find parking within blocks of our homes during peak hours. If you enjoy strolling the old neighborhoods around Central Park and taking historic tours, come quick, because the old life is rapidly disappearing.

Despite OSU’s self-congratulatory fuss about “collaboration” and “zonal parking,” numerous articles in the GT (Sept. 14, for example) document the loss of real parking spaces on campus. Despite predicted enrollment growth, OSU is restricting rather than expanding parking. This really hurts us!

Friends, we should not be fighting one another! We should force OSU to increase accessible parking.

I applaud Councilor Penny York’s intent to require this before approving changes to OSU’s master plan this fall.

In the meantime, please vote for the parking ordinance that’s already approved by City Council. Vote “Yes!” on 02-88!

Elaine Cull


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