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Wilt Farms Sunset Valley Organics

Last Modified: 07/21/09
First Published: 07/20/09
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Wilt Farms Is located on Highway 99w in Corvallis Oregon about 5 miles south of downtown Corvallis. Diane & Bob Wilt are the owners of this Blueberry Farm or more precisely a major source of Blueberries in Oregon.

I visited with Bob & Diane today and left several hundred blueberries heavier than when I arrived. The one thing that is a given is that their product, "Organic Blueberries", is without question the best "Organic Blueberries" I have ever had the good fortune to eat. Wilt Farms began the transition to "Organic" in 2002.

Bob Wilt gave me a guided tour of his blueberry fields, approximately 75 acres, filled with the sweetest, tastiest berries that one could want.

Wilt Farms was founded in 1970. Bob told me that he and his father planted their first blueberry bushes when he was 20 years old. It is evident that Bob Wilt is not only a wonderful Blueberry farmer, he is also a savvy businessman. Bob & his wife Diane have a staff of 11 full time employees. They have also branched out and sell their own Blueberry spread as well as packaged dried blueberries and a brand new blueberry product, powdered blueberries. Today I tried a sample of each of these products and was convinced that no matter what the season of the year blueberries are available to the consumer.


Locally Bob supplies Albertson's Supermarket and the First Alternative Co-op in Corvallis. Wilt Farms will soon be sending 50,000 pounds of fresh blueberries to Fred Meyer Supermarkets for a special sale promotion on the week of July 27th.

Bob shared with me the point that his blueberries are "Nutrient Dense". Bob went on to say that "Tests show that his blueberries have more vitamins and minerals than the competition". Two of the varieties that Wilt Farms grows are Jersey and Blue Crop Blueberries.

Wilt Farms is the only Certified Organic Blueberry Farm in the area. Bob uses a special "Compost Tea" as a fertilizer. This "Compost Tea" is one of the main reasons that Wilt Farms has a bountiful crop of great blueberries.

Sometimes a message can become lost in translation. Make no mistake if you want the best blueberries that are "simply delicious", then take a ride to Wilt Farms and either pick your own or purchase some instead.

Wilt Farms Blueberries are " great nutrition for the consumer and flavorful and easy to store via freezing". The definition of Quality is sometimes said to be, "You will know it when you see it!" At Wilt Farms I found this to be a very true statement.

Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:39 am
Name: Thomas | Comment: We stopped at their roadside stand and purchased some berries. We live in Eugene and would come back for more. These berries do have a better taste and larger size when compared to some we bought at Winco.

Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:21 am
Name: Maltbie Family | Comment: We are looking to pick some blueberries and or blackberries next weekend. Which is the best place to go for some fun and good berries? I live in Albany. Thanks.

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