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Whiteside Partners Abandon Whiteside Theatre Project in Corvallis

Last Modified: 01/04/08
First Published: 01/04/08
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Those that had opposed the Whiteside Theatre Project in Downtown Corvallis may have a very "Hollow" victory.

The question that, for the time being, will go unanswered is, what could have been? Forward thinking is not always a bad thing. Instead of having an 85 year old building decaying before our eyes there could have been opportunities for new retail in Corvallis and new tax revenue for the City of Corvallis.

Whiteside Theatre Partners LLC probably made a very wise decision to "cut their losses" and abandon the project. Now the citizens of this community can walk by the Whiteside Theatre and watch the mold grow on the sidewalk and on the Whiteside Theatre.

Is it not more prudent to have made it reasonable for investors to be able to improve the City? For those that do not get it, we cannot go backward and live in the past and sacrifice the future.

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