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The Iraq Conundrum

Last Modified: 11/02/07
First Published: 09/11/07
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General Petraeus, President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, The Congress, The Media, What a motley cast of characters, each weaving an ever more tangled web of intrigue.

I listed General Petraeus first for one very good reason. President Bush has planned to hide behind the General from the outset. The "surge" was a foregone conclusion of being an abysmal failure from its inception. The 30,000 troops that will be withdrawn from Iraq will in effect be no more a real drawdown, withdrawal (call it what you will) than merely a troop rotation. Remember the word "Legacy". President Bush certainly has not laid any framework for a "Legacy". Instead, President George W. Bush will in the decades yet to come, be studied in Universities as the least effective, least capable President the Country has known.

The Democrats were elected in 2004 & 2006 to affect serious change in "Iraq Policy". To Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Harry Reid, Democrat Senator from Nevada and Senate Majority Leader, I have one suggestion. Both of you need to take a course in Leadership 101. Never in my six decades on earth have I been witness to the Congress "Throwing Sand" and "Words" worth no more than "Rhetoric".

The Media is not absolved of its responsibility in this endless Iraq Conflict. Our servicemen and women are dying needlessly. I have had some people say to me ,"They volunteered" and were not "Drafted". This is precisely the point. If there had been a draft as was the case 40 plus years ago, the United States would not still be bogged down in Iraq. The College Campuses would have had demonstrations that would have made the 1960's look like kid stuff. Where is the outrage in the media. Walter Cronkite had the temerity to say what was necessary in 1968.

Remember Lyndon Johnson, for those too young to know, he was our President during the height of the Vietnam Conflict. He stated, and I paraphrase, when President Johnson lost the support of Cronkite, he lost the support of "middle america".

Well, It certainly appears that what we have on this the 11th day of September 2007, is more of the same with little hope of any resolution of the Iraq mess.

It is time for our leaders in Washington to promulgate an Iraq Plan that will actually have some reasonable chance of success. It is time to put our Leaders on the spot. Our leaders need to do the job, make the tough and unpopular decisions and let the world know, we mean business.

One closing thought, It should not be forgotten who got our Country into this mess in Iraq. The Neo-Cons (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld) and President George W. Bush.

I want to hear your views and opinions.............


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