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Shadow Hill Apartments in Corvallis Three Years Old and Structural Problems

Last Modified: 10/24/07
First Published: 10/24/07
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Shadow Hill Apartments on Western Blvd. are only three years old, but problems with the construction of the buildings are bringing misery to some tenants in the form of water and mold.

An investigation by construction consultants earlier this year revealed that water was getting up under the siding and causing damage to the four story building. The roof over one section of the apartment complex was also leaking.

Legal wrangling among the builders owner, original contractor and architects delayed the start of repairs until September.

Four units in the complex had leaking water finding its way into light fixtures and smoke detectors, causing other problems.

Paul Pinion, of Pinion Property Management, said Tuesday that he did not want to make a statement about the situation at Shadow Hills until he had spoken to the buildings owner, Fred Haruda.

The defects in the complex are long standing according to tenants. Repairs are progressing, albeit not as quickly as the Shadow Hills tenants would like.

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