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Ruby Tuesday's

Last Modified: 08/20/07
First Published: 08/19/07
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Ruby Tuesday's is on Ninth Street in North Corvallis between Circle and Garfield. It is fairly typical of that style of fast food restaurant. Service is inconsistent and prices are not in line with the Quality and Quantity of the meal. I have not had a wonderful dining experience on any of my previous visits. The bar is not that inviting and beer is expensive. The salad bar has never met my expectations. I would not add Ruby Tuesday's to my list of choices for a meal.


Well, in the sense of fairness I need to submit this new review of Ruby Tuesday's in Corvallis. I had lunch there today 08/20/07 as an invited guest. I was absolutely astonished to see the transformation in service and food. The server was attentive, polite and most in tune with our wishes as customers. The food, Quiche and Salad, was 180 degrees opposite my last visit back in June of '07. I suppose better is good, and I look forward to hearing others experience's at Ruby Tuesday's.

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