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Restaurants In Corvallis Oregon

Last Modified: 07/09/08
First Published: 07/09/08
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Corvallis and its restaurants. One would have a difficult time talking about Corvallis, Oregon without mentioning at least one of the wonderful restaurants in this town. There are at least 60 restaurants in and around Downtown Corvallis and on Ninth Street, Kings, Circle, and Monroe.

The discerning diner may want Italian, French, Mexican, Thai, Indian, or American standard fare. Each of these countries is represented in the Corvallis community.

Some of the old standards include The Gables, Salbasgeon Suites, Big River and American Dream Pizza (two locations, downtown second street and monroe near OSU) and how can I not mention the Old World Deli on Second Street..

If anyone has not already been to Strega's in the Elements Building stop in, it is worth it. Don't forget Iovino's and the Cloud 9.

If you head down Kings you may want to stop in Marzini's Italian restaurant (near Rice's Paharmacy).

I guess the point is with gas so expensive ther is no need to venture far to get something good to eat or drink! If you have any thoughts, comments on any of these places or anywhere else, let us know.

Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:44 pm
Name: CS | Comment: How is the Gables a "standard?" Every person I've talked to who's been there says it's crappy food, small servings and huge prices. And Salbasgeon Suites? What??

With gas so expensive, it's best to just bike to any of these establishments. Truth is, Corvallis doesn't have that ONE good place to go. Best kept secret for Mexican food is definitely Tacos Uruapan on 3rd St., about 1/4 mile south of the Co-op.

Anyone tried Nirvana Indian Restaurant yet??

Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:06 am
Name: Smith Barn | Comment: I love indan food, pizza is wonderful there, but one should take care of diet as food has direct impact on your health, so before eating check out the calorie values you are going to eat,

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