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Oregon State President Paid Lowest Salary in PAC 10

Last Modified: 11/15/07
First Published: 11/15/07
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A new study this week released by the Chronicle of Higher Education shows that Oregon State University President Ed Ray was the lowest paid University leader in the Pacific 10 Conference last year.

Ray received a 19% raise to his base salary this year, bumping it up to $404,667. Ray is still underpaid when compared to his peers, said Di Saunders, Director of Communications for the Oregon University system.

The National competitor's average salary is nearly $480,000 for those with Foundation supplements. Ray's new package includes $234,000 in base salary from the state and $170, 667 from the OSU Foundation.

Ed Ray earns more than Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski who is paid $93,600 per year. Compare these salaries to Mike Riley, Oregon State Football Coach, who makes a base salary of $850,000.

I suppose the important jobs make the most? Sports trump Politics and Education? Well, by these numbers they do!

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