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Oregon Food Bank Postal Letter Carrier Food Drive

Last Modified: 05/07/09
First Published: 05/07/09
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By this time most every mailbox in Corvallis has probably received a yellow plastic bag from Corvallis letter carriers. The Oregon Food Bank and the Letter Carriers of the United States Postal Service will collect non-perishable food donations this Saturday, May 9th.

Help stamp out hunger! Most wanted food items include canned fruits and vegetables, canned tuna, soups, stews and chili, beans rice and or pasta. In addition cooking oils are helpful along with boxed meals.

Please no homemade or already opened items!

Support the Corvallis community and the Oregon Food Bank. Look for your letter carrier this Saturday, May 9th or just leave the yellow plastic bag with your donated items near your mailbox.

Thanks for your support!

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