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New Levy Services Won't be Immediate for Benton County and Corvallis

Last Modified: 11/08/07
First Published: 11/08/07
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Benton County won't be able to bring new Deputies and Prosecutors onto the payroll until a year from now, when the new Levy is billed to taxpayers.

While County Government was handed the ability by voters to hire seven Sheriff's Deputies and two prosecutors, the funds won't be collected until property tax bills go out next fall. The new Tax Levy can collect up to $.90 cents per $1000 valuation on property taxes and eventually will also take the place of the existing jail bed levy, which expires next year.

So, taxpayers in 2008 will see a $.26 cents per $1,000 charge for the jail bed levy, plus $.64 cents per $1,000 for the new Public Safety Levy, for a total of $.90 cents per $1,000 valuation. The following year the Commissioners could ratchet up the safety levy for the full $.90 cents.

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