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Matrix Consulting Group Report Says Corvallis Police Need More Officers on Staff

Last Modified: 01/24/09
First Published: 01/24/09
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There are some Corvallis Police Officers who believe they do not have sufficient staffing to adequately perform their jobs for the residents of Corvallis, Oregon.

A report, by the Consulting Group Matrix Corporation, hired by the City found that Corvallis performs like a small town Police Department.

The report found that Corvallis Police staffing levels are especially low when an officer is called to deal with a major event. It was found that the Police Department did not have two officers to send to deal with such an event. The report further identified that there was a "net" three officers and one supervisor to cover the City of Corvallis on the night shift.

To address this, Matrix Consulting Group recommends adding up to seven new officers to the Corvallis Police force. This will cost the City of Corvallis close to $400,000 in additional budget adjustments. In a time of tight budgets this presents the City government with new challenges.

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