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Mad As Hell Doctors Begin Cross Country Journey

Last Modified: 09/08/09
First Published: 09/08/09
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"Mad As Hell Doctors" Began their cross country odyssey with a Tuesday morning rally/meeting at the New Morning Bakery on Second Street in Corvallis as the sun was about to rise on Corvallis.

Approximately 80 supporters were vociferous in their support for Doctor Paul Hochfeld and Doctor Mike Huntington. Pat Barlow made a point to ask "Where is the million man march when we need one?" "Where is the outrage, where is the President, we need him to lead us in Health Care."

Mike Huntington told me that there would be a rally today in Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon (Physicians for National Health) and then they would be on their way to Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Huntington will be a participant in a debate in Helena, Montana this week. Single Payer will be the topic of the debate. Dr. Huntington went on to share with me that many Doctors want the "status quo". Some Doctors do not want any regulation put on their ability to order needless tests.

Drs. Huntington & Hochfeld said they are "tired of talking to the choir". They plan to share information on "Single Payer" with as many people as will listen as they move about the Country. The intent is to capture as much media attention as possible.

This idea was born about six weeks ago in Wilsonville, Oregon. Betty Johnson was instrumental in making this trip/idea a reality. Carol Huntington will perform the very necessary task of acting as secretary and all around assistant for the next several weeks.

This trip will end on September 30th in our Nations Capital, Wasington D.C. More information can be found in the coming days and weeks on

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