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Harry and Annette's Fresh Fish Market

Last Modified: 04/12/12
First Published: 06/06/09
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Harry & Annette's Fresh Fish Market is open for business in the Water Street Market in Downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Fresh Local fish is the main focus of both Harry & Annette Daughters.

Harry Daughters spent some 20 years of his life in the Courtroom as a practicing Attorney. Some 15 years ago Harry & Annette decided to open a fish market on Ninth Street in Corvallis. 

From that time to the present both Harry & Annette have had the commitment to provide the freshest seafood possible to their customers. Most of the fish sold by Harry & Annette comes from local sources in Oregon and the Northwest.

When you want some fresh fish from a local source then think Harry & Annette's Fresh Fish in Corvallis, Oregon.  They are ready to serve you seven days a week. Monday-Saturday 10 am until 6 pm, Sunday 11 am until 4 pm.

When you are at either the Wednesday or Saturday Farmer's Market make sure to stop in and see for yourself what fresh fish really is!

Give Harry & Annette a call, 541-286-4198.

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