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Graffiti in Corvallis

Last Modified: 11/30/07
First Published: 11/30/07
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Grafitti is a problem that impacts our neighborhoods in a variety of ways. It decreases property values in residential neighborhoods, negatively impacts industrial and commercial areas, and it is often the first sign of criminal street gang activity. If you spot grafitti, please report it. Businesses and residences who are victimized by grafitti are responsible for its removal.

Contact the Police Department at 766-6924 prior to removing graffiti, as they will match the victims with businesses offering to sell paint at cost, providing there is a Police Report and or business card from the responding Police Officer; the back of the card should include the case number and the words "Qualified for Victims of Graffiti Project".

The Downtown Corvallis Association also has graffiti clean up and painting materials available for its members.

The Police Department has produced a Graffiti brochure with additional information. A copy is available on the City's web site at or by calling 766-6924.

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