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Geologists say Collier Glacier near Bend Oregon Rapidly Shrinking

Last Modified: 10/23/07
First Published: 10/23/07
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Between the North Sister and Middle Sister in the Oregon Cascade Range, Collier Glacier is receding at an alarming rate. Geologists blame among other things a warming climate. Collier Glacier is shrinking at a more rapid rate than any of the other 35 Glaciers in Oregon.

The shrinking of the Glacier started about the time that carbon dioxide emissions started rising, so said, Ellen Bishop of the Oregon Paleo Lands Institute. In the last 20 to 30 years all of the Cascade Glaciers have begun to shrink.

Most experts agree that by the year 2100 there will be very little ice left on the mountains. Glaciers store water in the winter and then release water the rest of the year. It will affect the water balance in the Mountainous region. 

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