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Corvallis Transit System Free Rides Monday May 18th

Last Modified: 05/16/09
First Published: 05/16/09
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Monday, May 18th, is an opportunity for Corvallis residents to leave their internal combustion vehicles at home and take advantage of a free ride on all buses in the Corvallis Transit System. The City of Corvallis is sponsoring "Get There Another Way Week" from May 18th through May 22nd. There will be coffee and other sweets available complimentary at the downtown transit mall on Monroe from 7:30 am until 9am on Monday May 18th.

The weather is nearly perfect to either walk, use a bicycle or use the Corvallis Transit System as your method of transportation this week. Maybe it will become a habit; think about the gas you might save, the exercise you can get and the money that may be spent on other goods and services in Corvallis.



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