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Corvallis Schools Facing Declining Enrollment

Last Modified: 05/19/08
First Published: 05/19/08
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The Corvallis school system will have fewer students when the doors open in Septemeber 2008. Corvallis High School will have approximately 56 fewer students and Adams Elementary School will see about a 49 pupil census decline.

This trend is predicted to continue downward due to fewer families moving to Corvallis. Home prices have been higher in Corvallis than in other neighboring communities such as Albany. Home buyers continue to trend to retirees in the Corvallis real estate market.

With declining enrollment comes other issues such as budget decreases and teacher furlows. The Corvallis School District has lost 1,000 students in the past decade. Corvallis has closed the doors on some schools due to lower school enrollments.

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