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Corvallis Population Figures Show No Growth

Last Modified: 04/13/16
First Published: 01/11/09
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The latest population figures for the city of Corvallis show a net loss of 10 people. This trend will continue for the forseeable future. There is currently no compelling reason for any growth to occur in Corvallis.

The local economy has slowed considerably and it is likely that the Corvallis economy will be tied to that of Oregon, the Northwest and the Nation in general. Oregon is one of the five highest States in job losses. The Timber Industry has been severely impacted by the housing slump. In addition Hewlett Packard has over the past several years substantially reduced its footprint in the Corvallis economy.

There needs to be a reason that will bring families to Corvallis. Jobs and growth go hand in hand; growth has not always been high on the priority list of local officials. What should happen is to recruit some high tech companies to come to Corvallis. I am not aware of any efforts currently being promulgated to do this.

Population shifts will always occur resulting in some cities growing and others declining. Just ask the citizens of Detroit, Buffalo or Cleveland about population declines. I am sure you will hear an earful.


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