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Corvallis, Oregon Economic Vitality Plans

Last Modified: 10/01/07
First Published: 10/01/07
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In August 2007, three committees charged with looking at long term projects for Corvallis continued their progress toward recommendations for the Corvallis City Council.

Core services focused on alternative financial scenarios to support police, fire, library, parks and recreation, planning and transit through fiscal year 2013. The alternatives looked at budgeting for existing services only and budgeting for existing and additional services suggested by staff. Any enhancements would require Budget Commission and City Council action, and this scenario does not include enhancements which may come forward through 2013, but are not currently in business plans. 

The Downtown and Economic Vitality Plans Implementation Committee Meeting was well attended. Discussion occurred about possible revenue sources for implementing these two strategic plans, especially the creation of a restaurant tax.

The Restaurant tax proposal is not looked at favorably by the Corvallis Restaurant community.

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